Dog Policy

Conference Dog Attendance Policy

We are happy to welcome personal dogs into trade show areas during designated break times. Due to our conference format, and with consideration for the safety and comfort of our canine friends, only dogs that have been previously selected to take part in a demonstration with an ABSS speaker or presenter will be allowed in 2019 BC SPCA Animal Behaviour Science Symposium sessions or workshops.

Guide dogs and service dogs, as defined by the British Columbia Guide Dog & Service Dog Act, are an exception to the above policy and are welcome at the entirety of the event.

Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Centre is a pet friendly hotel. Dogs are allowed to be unattended in attendees’ hotel rooms during conference sessions so long as pet owners abide by the following rules and guidelines, determined by Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Centre:

  • Crate your pup. Please ensure that your dog is crated in your hotel room when left unattended.
  • Pet deposits and fees. Please familiarize yourself with the hotel policy for pet deposits or fees before you make your reservation. This can be discussed with hotel staff.
  • Upon check-in, please provide your mobile number to the hotel so that you can be contacted about your dog if necessary. If there is a noise complaint, hotel staff will need to contact you.

The behaviour of any dogs in attendance is the responsibility of the dog’s handler at all times and handlers must always be cognizant of their dog’s interactions with people and other animals. Personal dogs and service dogs are expected to be on leash, well-behaved and under the handler’s control, or if the handler is unable to control the dog for a time, under the control of a designated adult individual. If the handler’s disability precludes the use of a leash, harness or other type of tether, the dog must be under the handler’s control using voice cues, hand signals or another means of communication.

Please be aware that if your personal dog or service dog is observed demonstrating any aggressive behaviours (e.g. hackles up, hard stares, growling, biting) toward a dog or person, or if a dog is demonstrating behaviours that are disruptive to the facility’s ability to conduct business (e.g. uncontrolled barking, lunging or jumping on people or tables, or bolting from the handler without the ability to be recalled) you may be asked to remove the dog by BC SPCA staff, conference staff members, and/or facility and it may not be allowed at the conference.

Any BC SPCA staff, conference staff members, and/or facility staff reserve the right to ask you to remove the dog to protect the safety of both people and animals. 

All dogs must be house trained and handlers are responsible for cleaning up after the animal at all times.

Questions regarding this policy can be directed to: